Different Light Therapy

Psychotherapy is one of the few things we can do that will actually change us. By taking us on a journey of self-exploration and reflection, it can help us grow stronger, wiser, and more resilient. By diving down into our own minds, we can learn about our tendencies, and why our thoughts take us down the paths they do. And we can often bring back gold and jewels from the depths: parts of our personalities that we may have forgotten about, which can be brought back to life, returning us to what we love and what truly fulfills us. Therapy is a combination of coaching and philosophy: the one-on-one search for wisdom and how to live well, which can help us see our difficulties and our desires in a different light, and which leaves us with a set of tools for navigating life with more grace, appreciation, and effectiveness.

The mission of Different Light is to build a company based around therapy, which offers the service on a large scale. We believe therapy is one of the greatest inventions of the last 100 years, but that it has not been offered in a compelling way to people, as part of self-improvement. In the 1970s, gyms were a niche and slightly odd activity, but now going to the gym is very normal, we admire people who go and we see how it benefits the whole of life. We believe psychotherapy will follow a similar trajectory. We want to build a company with hundreds of beautiful therapy locations around the world, hiring the best therapists, and helping people to gain self-knowledge and the ability to see everything from many perspectives. From a ‘political’ perspective, we believe the more we can help people to grow and mature emotionally, the more we lay the foundations for a good society.

We are just starting out on this mission, but if this interests you, please sign up to the email list and we will keep you in touch with developments.